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Sand Bag getups catch up with you quickly.  And those Resisted runs…  It is funny to see how each round gets progressively harder resistance as each partner holds on a little tighter and slows you down just a little more.  At least it feels that way when you are getting tired.  Great work, good fun and some Pullup PRs to boot! Another great day at Hybrid.


WOD – OCT 24th


WU: 3 rounds + Dynamic Stretch (15 mins)

  • Shuffle 25 yd each way
  • Carioca 25 yds each way
  • High Knees 25 yards
  • Butt kicks 25 yards
  • 10 Overhead squats with a cream/red/blue Band (stand with the band under your feet and in your hands in the OHS position).


MOBILITY: (10 mins)

  • Upper Thoracic Spine
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Calves
  • Roll and or stretch each area as needed


SWOD: (15 mins)

  • Overhead Squats
  • 5 x 5 (every 2 mins)
  • Go moderately heavy but do not come close to failing.


WOD:  SQUATING ISABEL (12 min cap)

  • 30 Squat Snatches for time (134/93#)
  • For an extra challenge, try the RealXtreme RX for this WOD: Reps only count if they are multiples (any single reps do not count).  This means you can do doubles, triples, 10 in a row, whatever.  Just don’t do only 1 rep, it won’t count.


POST:  Roll your Quads/Glutes & Stretch out your shoulders.



And now a note from one of our members:  LISA BRIGGS.  Please take a minute to read this.


With the holiday season fast approaching, I want to challenge all of my friends, family and other people reading this to make a generous, healthy donation to their local food bank.

The food banks rely on the donations of the community to help feed those in need; however, a lot of the foods that we donate are often cheap, processed foods with a long shelf life. Foods we wouldn’t feed to our own families.  Low income families don’t have the resources that we have to make better health and nutrition choices. They depend on what the food bank gives them. As a community, it is time to up the ante with our donations. Help these families to stock their shelves with clean, real food and give them information and ideas on how to keep the pattern going. Healthy foods such as beans, canned fruits & vegetables, brown rice, bottled water, quick oats, nuts (cashews, almonds), canned tuna, canned salmon, even dried fruit (raisins and cranberries make far better snacks for the children). If you’re feeling creative, include an EASY recipe with your donation! The food banks also need baby formula and diapers. I’m giving the addresses and phone numbers to you for your ease of reference. So now there are no “reasons” for you not to make a quick trip over there. The Langley Food Bank is located at 5768 203 Street, Langley. The phone number is 604-533-0671. The Aldergrove Food Bank is located at 27309 Fraser Highway, Langley. Phone number 604-857-1671.

To my fellow CrossFit community members: Hybrid Athletics Langley will be accepting food bank donations starting November 1. They will handle the delivery of donations to the food bank, all you have to do is bring in your generous donations! With all the health and wellness information we have gained as members of Hybrid, we can all pay it forward by giving a few healthy food items to our community members in need.


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