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REMEMBER: BOOTCAMP members can come to any class all day today!!!
Bring a friend!!!

WU: (10 mins)
1 min each cardio
MOB: Hamstring, Lat, Calf, Roll Quads/calves

WODs: 60/60 intervals
60sec work / 60sec rest X 5 rounds
Attempt to complete the required work in 60sec
Rest 3 min additional minutes between WODs

WOD 1: Treadmill Sprints (15% incline) 4.0/3.0 (inc spd 1.0 /round)
WOD 2: ROWING 30/21 cal (scale 24/16 cal)
WOD 3: SKI ERG 21/15 cal (scale 18/12 cal)
WOD 4: ASSAULT BIKE 25/17 cal (scale 20/13 cal)

Score is how many rounds you succeeded in each cardio stations

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