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WU: (7 mins)
1 min each Cardio
5 Inchworm

MOB: (8 mins)
Dragon, Forward Fold, Frog, Saddle, Puppy Dog, Seal, Forearm

ACTIVATION: (7 mins)
TWY + Rotator
Tricep Extension
Lat Pulldown
Single Arm Banded Press
Knee Extension

WOD 1A: (8 min cap)
2 Rounds for time:
40 GHD Sit-ups (V-Ups)
20/15 cal Ski

Rest 4 mins after cap

WOD 1B: (8 min cap)
2 Rounds for time:
40 T2B
20/15 cal Row

WOD 2:
4 Rounds E4MOM
40 sec max cal Assault
Each round complete 1 min single arm DB oh hold
(try to do this immediately after bike)(alternate arms each round)

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