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*NOTE* This will be the last week that we are posting the WOD on this page. For future WODS, please follow “@HybridWOD” on Instagram (this is a private account for Hybrid Members only), and/or join the FaceBook group “Hybrid Athletics General Members (WOD Pics)”. We will be posting the picture from the WOD screen at HYBRID (the TV) to these accounts on a daily basis from now on. If you are not a HYBRID member but are interested in following our programming remotely, please email “info@hybridathletics.ca” for more info.

WU: (7 mins)
4 Rounds: 15 sec Assault / 45 sec rest
Dynamic + Dowel Stretch

MOB: (8 mins)
Low Dragon, Lizard, Straddle, Supine Twist, Puppy Dog, Twisted Cross

ACTIVATION: (10 mins)
KB Arm Bar
Foam Slides
Seated Glute ABduction
TWY + Rotator
Med ball Squeeze
Banded Press
Build to High Box Jump and HS Hold

10 Round EMOM: 1 Hang Snatch (Build with perfect form)

10 Rounds:
15 sec max cal Assault
45 sec rest
30 Deadlifts (225/155) for time (3 min cap)

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