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What a workout 12.5 proved to be… Yet again!  If you missed doing it Thursday, you are going to enjoy it soon.  Friday we are going to hit some strength work.  If you missed the WOD today, you can come in and do it Friday, Josh can judge you at anytime for a $10 fee.  If you plan to hit it on Saturday, we suggest you come in today and at least get a sweat on and work on your mobility.


REMINDER that we are hosting the NCCP Olympic Lifting Clinic this weekend and there is still a few spots available.  Check HERE for more details.


WOD – MARCH 23rd

WU: Ladder Drills & Dynamic Stretch



  • Skate Hops
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Hurdles
  • Box reaction drill


SWOD 1:  5 Rounds (rest as needed)

  • Split Lunge (8 reps / leg)
  • Bench Press 8 reps


SWOD 2: 4 rounds (rest as needed)

  • DB Stepups (8 reps / leg)
  • GHD Situp (15 reps)
  • GHD Extension (15 reps)



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