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REMINDER that there is only 1 class on Friday evenings at 4:30pm.  The gym will be open until 6:30 if you are not able to make it in time for the start of the 4:30 class.


The Program is the same again for FITNESS and PERFORMANCE.


WU:  (15 mins)

Powerlifter x 2 rounds

  • Sled drag x 50 yds
  • Banded Godmornings x 15
  • Glute Walks x 10-20 each way
  • Tubing YTW x 7,7,7


MOB:  Hamstring, roll low back, your choice



SWOD:  15 mins

  • Build to a moderately heavy Deadlift Double
  • There is only 15 mins for this period so don’t expect to go SUPER heavy




  • Men = 5000m Row (every 1000m complete 7 Deadlifts at 315 / 70% 1RM )
  • Women = 4000m Row (every 800m complete 7 Deadlifts at 205 / 70% 1RM )

*You do NOT have to do Deadlifts at the end of the ROW.  You will only do 4 sets of Deadlifts.


POST:  Stretch out your Posterior Chain



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