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WU: (20 mins)
5 min cardio of choice
MOB: Calf, Hip, Glute, Groin, Lat, Front Rack, Bully
1 Round: Dislocates + 10 Snatch Press + 10 OHS + 10 Sotts Press
+ Tubing YTW & Rotator + 1 min HS Hold

OLY: Test Day
40 min to find max Snatch and Max Clean & Jerk

If you finish early, or want to stick a round, hit some cardio to work up a sweat, and then stretch it out really well.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This is last day of our current OLY cycle. We will now be entering into a 6 week phase focusing on prepping everyone for the CrossFit Open. We will be posting some additional Strength/Skill training on the Competition/Level 2 Facebook Page so make sure to ask one of the coaches to add you to that group if you are a Level 2 Member.

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