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WU: (8 mins)
Tabatta Row (add meters each round)
10 Inchworms + Dynamic + Dowel

MOB: (8 mins)
Low Dragon, Lizard, Pigeon, Straddle, Forward Fold, Supine Twist, Puppy Dog, Twisted Cross

ACTIVATION: (8 mins)
TWY + Rotator + Pec
Glute Walk
MB Squeeze
Good Mornings
Lat Pulldown + Tricep
Banded Press
KB Arm Bar

SWOD: (20 mins)
5 min Warmup
15 min ALT EMOM
Min 1: 5 reps Deadlift*
Min 2: 3-6 Strict CHIN-ups
Min 3: 5 reps Bench Press*
*Build weight on each set
Group up and share DL bar and Bench Setup

WOD: 10 min AMRAP
10 Pullups (Scale to 5)
10 Ring Dips (Scale to 5)
20 Alt Pistols (scale to 20 Air Squats)

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