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WU: (7 min)
300m Ski + 1 min arm plank
300m Row + 1 min arm plank

MOB: (8 min)
Low Dragon, Dragon, Pigeon, Forward Fold, Half Bound Angle QL, Supine Twist, Puppy Dog, Twisted Cross

ACTIVATION: (10 min)
KB arm bar
Glute walk
TWY + Rotator
Med ball squeeze
Knee extension
Single leg squat (airex)
Tricep extensions
Banded press

SWOD: (12 min)
6 Round E2MOM (3 / side)
7 UB Turkish getups

WOD: 20 min Alt EMOM
A) 10 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
B) 10 HSPU
C) 10 Thrusters (95/65lb)
D) 10 Pull-ups
At 20 min mark complete 1 Round of A+B+C+D for time

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