Why you SHOULD do the CrossFit OPEN this year.

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The 2016 CrossFit Open is finally here.

WOD 16.1 will be announced live on games.crossfit.com at 5pm.  Canada West’s own Emily Abbott will be throwing down on the live telecast to set the standard for the rest of us to reach for.

The OPEN is a 5 week online competition that anyone and everyone can and should participate in.  It is a chance to truly “test your fitness” and see what you can do.  Sure it is an opportunity to see how you stack up against the rest of the world.  You can filter the standings in so many ways that you could box yourself into any demographic that you fit into and see where you place (eg: female, 32yrs old, BC, Canada).

But more importantly, it is a chance to see how you stack up against YOU.  How does “current you” stack up against “past you” (if you have previously done the OPEN).  How will you stack up against “future you” (your scores will be kept on the Games website indefinitely and can be compared against in future years).   We will be programming the workouts for classes on Fridays anyways so everyone will be doing them.  You might as well sign up and make it official.  We guarantee that you will get a better score if you are registered then if you are not.

Most importantly, it is a chance to develop our community even further.   Hybrid Athletics is such an amazing place because of the relationships that are created here, not how many pushups get completed 😉  We want you to enjoy the process of testing your fitness, and we think you will surprise yourself with all the things you can do!

Besides, who wouldn’t want someone else to count for them when they are tired?  That’s hard to do!!!


For more info or to register for the CrossFit Games OPEN, go to games.crossfit.com

Make sure to list “CrossFit Fraser Valley” as your affiliate and join the “CENTAURS” team.

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