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That is right folks.  Our first Shipment of REAL XTREME RX shorts are coming in tomorrow.  Adam Gauer from RX will be bringing them in for us.  We only have 32 pairs available in this first shipment so make sure you are the first to get yours.  You may have seen them on Coach Nate, Coach Robbie and Nick Wood (how did he sneak a pair early?)


These shorts are the best.  And I mean the best.  The guys at Real Xtreme RX are top notch and have put together a supreme product for our athletes.  Yes that includes you.  If you are a member at HYBRID ATHLETICS, you had better get used to being called an athlete because making better athletes is what we do here at HYBRID.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, a young athlete, a professional, or a soccer mom, we are the place for you.  And now we have the a product line to match the awesome facility and service that we provide.

Come on by today and get your pair of HYBRID shorts (and a T-shirt and Hoodie to match!).

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