In our on-going effort to offer the best services to the greatest variety of people here at Hybrid Athletics, we are expanding our Bootcamp classes.  The new Schedule will be effective immediately and will look like this:

NOV 16 Jpeg               CLICK HERE to check out the SCHEDULE PAGE


This means we will now offer 18 class time slots classified as “BOOTCAMP WELCOME”.  This spans over 6 days per week, with each weekday having at least option. Now there is no excuse to ever miss a workout!

What does this mean for our existing CrossFit members?  Not too much is different.  There are still 39 class time slots for you to choose from per week (and all kinds of OPEN GYM if you have a Level 2 Membership)

  • The programming for “Cardio Thursday” will remain the same as it has always been.
  • The programming for “BOOTCAMP WELCOME” on Tuesdays will remain the same as it has been over the month of September/October.  You might have noticed that we don’t use many barbells on Tuesdays, and we hit several WODs, often with short rest.  This will remain the same.
  • The programming for M/W/F will continue to be heavy on the barbell and classic CrossFit movements.
  • As attendance and demand for Bootcamps &/or CrossFit increases we will look to add more coaches to a class, or add more classes to the schedule.


WU:  (20 mins)
3 rounds:
10 Cal Ski
10 MB Cleans
10 Pushups
MOB: Hip Flexor, Front Rack, Groin

SWOD: (15 mins)
5 mins to warmup
10 min ALT EMOM:
Even mins = 10 reps Bench Press (RX= 135/85)(scale to about 40-50% 1rm)
Odd mins = 2 Squat Cleans (quick singles – not tap and go)(build weight each round)

25 Cal Ski
25 Pushups
25 Front Squats (135/95) – from the floor
6 min Cap

15 Muscle Ups
15 Front Squats (205/135)
6 min cap




WU: 10 rounds (10 mins)

  • Row 30sec 80 to 90%
  • Skip 30 sec (work on DUs or triples. Max 10)


MOB: (10 mins)

  • KB arm bar
  • Dislocates
  • Wall Slides
  • Banded Ankle / MB Ankle flexibility


OLY: (20 mins)

  • Take 5 min to warmup / build weight
  • Every 1:30min x 10 ROUNDS
  • 5 x 3reps “High” Hang Snatch @ 60 or 70%
  • 5 x 3reps “Below Knee” Hang Snatch @ same weight as above
  • Try to make all reps Squat Snatches



  • 16 min AMRAP
  • 10 Snatch (114/73)
  • 20 Wall Ball
  • 30 Double Unders


POST:  Stretch well:  focus on calves and shoulders



What a workout 12.5 proved to be… Yet again!  If you missed doing it Thursday, you are going to enjoy it soon.  Friday we are going to hit some strength work.  If you missed the WOD today, you can come in and do it Friday, Josh can judge you at anytime for a $10 fee.  If you plan to hit it on Saturday, we suggest you come in today and at least get a sweat on and work on your mobility.


REMINDER that we are hosting the NCCP Olympic Lifting Clinic this weekend and there is still a few spots available.  Check HERE for more details.


WOD – MARCH 23rd

WU: Ladder Drills & Dynamic Stretch



  • Skate Hops
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Hurdles
  • Box reaction drill


SWOD 1:  5 Rounds (rest as needed)

  • Split Lunge (8 reps / leg)
  • Bench Press 8 reps


SWOD 2: 4 rounds (rest as needed)

  • DB Stepups (8 reps / leg)
  • GHD Situp (15 reps)
  • GHD Extension (15 reps)




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