In our on-going effort to offer the best services to the greatest variety of people here at Hybrid Athletics, we are expanding our Bootcamp classes.  The new Schedule will be effective immediately and will look like this:

NOV 16 Jpeg               CLICK HERE to check out the SCHEDULE PAGE


This means we will now offer 18 class time slots classified as “BOOTCAMP WELCOME”.  This spans over 6 days per week, with each weekday having at least option. Now there is no excuse to ever miss a workout!

What does this mean for our existing CrossFit members?  Not too much is different.  There are still 39 class time slots for you to choose from per week (and all kinds of OPEN GYM if you have a Level 2 Membership)

  • The programming for “Cardio Thursday” will remain the same as it has always been.
  • The programming for “BOOTCAMP WELCOME” on Tuesdays will remain the same as it has been over the month of September/October.  You might have noticed that we don’t use many barbells on Tuesdays, and we hit several WODs, often with short rest.  This will remain the same.
  • The programming for M/W/F will continue to be heavy on the barbell and classic CrossFit movements.
  • As attendance and demand for Bootcamps &/or CrossFit increases we will look to add more coaches to a class, or add more classes to the schedule.




WU: 10 rounds (10 mins)

  • Row 30sec 80 to 90%
  • Skip 30 sec (work on DUs or triples. Max 10)


MOB: (10 mins)

  • KB arm bar
  • Dislocates
  • Wall Slides
  • Banded Ankle / MB Ankle flexibility


OLY: (20 mins)

  • Take 5 min to warmup / build weight
  • Every 1:30min x 10 ROUNDS
  • 5 x 3reps “High” Hang Snatch @ 60 or 70%
  • 5 x 3reps “Below Knee” Hang Snatch @ same weight as above
  • Try to make all reps Squat Snatches



  • 16 min AMRAP
  • 10 Snatch (114/73)
  • 20 Wall Ball
  • 30 Double Unders


POST:  Stretch well:  focus on calves and shoulders



Thats right, the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course is coming to Hybrid Athletics on October 26th & 27th, 2013.


At the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course, Coach Tucker or one of his Tier One Coaches will delve into basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics forms in a lecture setting followed by practical application.  The goal in this course is to aid CrossFitters in using Gymnastics for strength development, core control, spatial awareness and WOD progressions.


You will be taught a wide variety of foundational movements and techniques, including these and others:

  • Basic strength: development for disadvantaged leverage and basic strength prowess for gymnastics movement.
  • Parallette work: handstands, L-sits, stretching, core control, handstand push-ups, scalability of basic and intermediate movements, spotting, range-of-motion/extreme range of motion training.
  • Rings: core-training exercises, support work, proper hand placement, L-sits, iron-cross progressions, dislocates, presses, muscle-ups and muscle-up drills, self-spotting techniques, kips, handstands, and conditioning.
  • Bar variations: handstands, back levers, skin the cats, L-sit pull-up variations, stretching, kipping swings, spotting techniques, bar muscle-ups, scalability of all movements.
  • Handstands: handstand push-ups, handstand forward rolls, balance work, presses to handstands, L-sits to handstands. You will be taught how to spot and scale these foundational elements for WODs and newbies, and you will learn hand placement, core control, strength development, planches (progressions on floor, rings and paralettes).


You need to bring athletic attire and an adventurous attitude!


Click the following link to register today!  Don’t wait, this course will fill up fast!



Are you interested in Competing in CrossFit?

CrossFit Competitions are a ton of fun.  Watching is a great time, but participating is even better… in a sick and painful way.  The rush you feel when everyone is cheering you on and you are pouring out your heart and soul is exhilarating.  If you even have the slightest interest in Competition, you should at least give it a try.


In February we will be hosting all the CrossFit Open Workouts and we will definitely encourage everyone to partake in that.  Throughout the upcoming months there are more than enough events to offer everyone a chance to get their feet wet and test themselves.


  • CrossFit BC Summer Challenge:  This event takes place on September 21/22 in West Vancouver.  The individual events are on Saturday, with the teams (1 guy and 1 girl) running on Sunday.  I don’t know that this event has an actual “scaled division” but they welcome athletes of all levels.


  • Taranis Winter Challenge:  This event has grown a ton through the years and is much anticipated on most CrossFitters Calenders.  Occurring in Victoria on Nov 16-18, this event is obviously a bit of a road trip (and takes place over 3 days).  There is a qualifying stage for teams this year (2 guys and 2 girls per team) so check out the link for more info.


  • Hybrid Athletics Best in the West:  Last year we hosted the inaugural BITW at our Grand Opening.  This year we plan to host the top athletes from across Western Canada again in a winner take all, 1 workout showdown.   We are also working on a competition that will draw people out of their shell.  More details to come in the next month or so (including dates, categories, etc).


I hope this info helps some people.  I have also created a Facebook Group for those athletes interested in competing.  If you join the group, you are committing to compete.  The group is “private” so non-members can see the group (and who is in it) but can’t read our posts (just in case we decide to talk strategy :).


See you all soon.  Ask anytime if you have any questions.


Coach N8


Here is a list of the upcoming events happening here at HYBRID ATHLETICS.  Take a look and get signed up ASAP.  You won’t want to miss out on these amazing opportunities.


  • SKINS DEMO EVENT – the Rep from SKINS COMPRESSION CLOTHING is coming this THURSDAY evening to demo their product, share some info about it’s uses, let you try it on, and take orders for immediate delivery.  Make sure you come by Thursday between 5 & 7pm to take a look and get your order in.  This stuff is great and if you missed the first order, you won’t want to miss this one.  Check out the SKINS WEBSITE.


  • NCCP OLYMPIC LIFTING CERTIFICATION – This coming weekend (March 24/25) Canadian Olympian and Coach GUY GREAVETTE will be leading an Olympic Lifting Certification at HYBRID.  You will learn tons of info about the Olympic Lifts and improve your own lifting technique and totals.  You will also be certified by the NCCP to coach Olympic Lifting which could come in handy when you least expect it.  Sign up now and reserve your spot, there are only a few left so act quickly.   SIGN UP HERE!!!