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Just a quick reminder that our Fall Schedule will look drastically different than our Summer Schedule has.

You might remember that several classes were put on “hiatus” over the summer while attendance was low.  As the membership begins to pick up again as we head into September, we will begin to re-introduce some of the classes that took a break.

We will also be looking to implement some new programs to provide you with even more options and enticements for you to spend time at Hybrid!

Stop by the Service Desk to grab an “Interest Survey” about the following programs/classes and  give us your feedback (and any suggestions/ideas you might have).  The more interest a program/class gets, the sooner it will be implemented.

  • 1 pm CrossFit Class
  • 5:45pm Friday Class
  • 7am CrossFit Class
  • Morning/Evening/Weekend BOOTCAMP class (more circuits, less barbell)(time to be determined)
  • The Athletes Edge SRs (13-17ys old)(usually in the evenings)
  • Earlier / Later Classes on Saturdays
  • Classes on Sundays
  • Olympic Lifting Club/Clinics
  • Gymnastics Club/Clinics
  • Spin Class
  • YOGA
  • Krav Maga
  • Your Ideas….


We are very excited as we move forward into the fall season.  We are looking forward to helping each and every Hybrid member work towards reaching their heath and fitness goals.



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Sandie · September 3, 2015 at 10:56 pm

Masters something-or-other…..? 😊

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