On Ramp Program

In order to facilitate a smooth transition for new members into our CrossFit Classes, we have designed what we call the ‘On-Ramp’ program. This Program allows us to get to know you, it introduces you to the movement patterns associated with CrossFit, and provides the needed attention and coaching for beginner CrossFitters, while not drawing away Coaches attention during our regular CrossFit Classes. All new members must complete the ‘On-Ramp’ Program in order to gain access to our regular CrossFit Schedule.

Your first On-Ramp Personal Training session is FREE! Call our service desk to book your FREE trial session.

For more information or to register for the On-Ramp Program, please call our Service Desk at 604-514-3455 or stop by HYBRID and see for yourself what all the excitement is about!

  • Your First trial session is FREE – call today to book ASAP.
  • $200/month for first 2 months. ($400 total)
  • 4 additional Personal Training sessions at the beginning of your On-Ramp
  • Unlimited classes for the remainder of the 2 months (following the completion of the PT sessions)
  • 1 Final Follow Up Personal Training session: Great to work on skills and retest how far you have already progressed.
  • Learn the fundamental movements and terminology of CrossFit & receive 1-on-1 coaching on the most technical movements/lifts.
  • PT sessions are booked according to your schedule to allow the greatest flexibility for you.

Book your first session today!