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We have partnered with SugarWOD to bring you a more interactive experience here at HYBRID.  Take a look in the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see a CIRCLE that says WODS.  Click that link.

You can also download the SugarWOD app (from the App Store or click the link at the bottom of our new programming pages) and indicate HYBRID ATHLETICS as your gym.

We are very excited to incorporate this APP and all it’s features into our programming offerings.  When you check out the app you will see just how much it can do:

  • Workout Tracking (scores, weights, etc)
  • Social aspects (fist bumps, comments, interactions with other members from all different class times)
  • WOD prep: provides videos and descriptions of most movements in upcoming WODS for you to view. 
  • Announcements: we can post quick announcements daily for everyone to see.
  • soooo much more.

This is just another way that we are ever improving our service to stay ahead of the curve and provide our members with the best overall experience.  We hope you take a few minutes to check out the App and get started tracking your workouts!

WODS will be posted daily at 8pm EVERY DAY!

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