Kelsey Jack


CrossFit Level 2 Instructor
Precision Nutrition L2 Certified
Facial Mobility Practitioner
CanFit Pro
NCCP Olympic Lifting
Certified Life Coach
BootCamp Instructor


Born and raised in Mill Village, Nova Scotia, Kelsey played on a variety of sports teams including Volleyball, Track and Field, Softball and Hockey.  Kelsey spent 10 years in the Royal Canadian Navy where she played national level hockey and softball.  After a struggle with alcoholism and weight gain Kelsey left the military and became a certified welder/fabricator in Ottawa, Ontario.

Despite a steep decline in her overall fitness, Kelsey was active in coaching several co-ed and female hockey teams in the area and was a referee and player in a competitive ball hockey league.  At 5’1″ and 195 pounds it was apparent that something in life needed to change.  That change was Crossfit.

In September of 2014 Kelsey joined Crossfit Exertion in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Kelsey was so motivated by the experience that she shifted careers into the fitness industry.  Starting as a personal trainer with GoodLife fitness, she quickly moved up the ranks and was transferred from Halifax to Abbotsford, British Columbia to run her own team as the Fitness Manager.

Knowing that Crossfit was her passion and that to be the best she had to work with the best – Kelsey not only started to train at Hybrid Athletics with Nate, but coach there as well.  Kelsey has had success with individuals as a Personal Trainer, as well as in small group training with specialized instruction.  Her love of CrossFit and passion for helping others achieve their goals is apparent in every class she coaches!

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