Ali Ludovicci

B.A. Hons Psychology, English Lit
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Sport Conditioning Specialist
ACE Functional Movement Specialist
Bergener Level 1 Olympic Lifting
Pilates Mat instructor
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
JRNI certified Life Coach
CPR, First Aid and AED

Ali had a pair of skates laced onto her feet at age three and competed in figure skating until age seventeen, when injuries took her off the ice. In her youth, she also played soccer, and trained in ballet, pilates, dry-land conditioning and weight lifting.

After hanging up her skates, Ali found a new athletic passion in weightlifting; working at a gym to put herself through university, she found community and the gym quickly became a big part
of her life. Post university, she moved from Ottawa to New Westminster. Feeling lost in her career path, she followed the advice of a friend, “found a job doing something she loved” and became a personal trainer. A decade later, she is still blessed to love her work.

Ali keeps fitness engaging and enjoyable through personal challenge. These challenges have lead her to running a half marathon, participating in Tough Mudders, setting new PR’s and competing in (natural) bodybuilding shows (winning her class and overall in her first show, earning her Canadian Pro card with the NPAA) and most recently, Crossfit.

Unfortunately, her time in bodybuilding brought to a head her unresolved issues with body image and food. Ali spiralled into extremely disordered eating, a strained relationship with fitness and body image issues, resulting in a three year struggle to find peace with herself. She uses this experience to fuel her passion for
helping others who struggle with body image, their relationship with food, cultivating healthy mindsets and finding the joy in movement.

Currently, Ali enjoys keeping fit with Crossfit classes, yoga, pilates, dance, running and hiking with her dog. Ali loves teaching classes and working with her personal training clients to help them discover
their strengths, confidence and joy in movement.

As a nutrition coach she helps clients to establish healthy relationships with food and educates clients on how to nourish their bodies. As a vegan, she also loves helping people transition to a more plant-based diet (from one meatless meal a week to veganism, or anything in between). Working in the capacity of life coach, Ali loves to support clients in developing a winning mindset and cultivating a positive self-image.

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