WOD – Wednesday – November 23

Awesome Effort today everyone.  It was great to see people pushing their limits and working hard to set a good time.  Those were “simple” movements in that there was not a lot of technique involved, but they were by no means easy. Welcome to Ruth who rocked her first CrossFit workout ever today.  She is joining us in the early bird 6 am class and looks like she is going to advance quickly into Rx workouts.  Nice work Timmy D.  Setting the bar for everyone for a second day in a row.  Keep up the good work.  Regionals are calling your name.


WOD – Nov 23 – Pull Hard and Push Yourself!


WU: Ski Erg (3 x 200m) + Handstand Hold + Skin the Cat + Dowel


TECH: Pullups (kip/butterfly) + GHD Situp


STRENGTH: Wtd/Strict Pullup (5-3-1-1-1)


WOD: Every 3 mins perform the following:

  • Sprint 200m (25yd shuttles – MAX effort)
  • Ring Row 21-15-9
  • GHD Situp 21-15-9


POST: Spin & Stretch (hips & Lats)


Let’s set some PR’s tomorrow.  Coach Robbie and Coach Nate both set new PR’s by pulling bodyweight + 114# on Monday.  Come ready to work hard!

WOD – Tuesday – November 22

The Olympic lifts are the most technical lifts that you will ever see in the gym.  The Clean (Hang, power or Squat) is extremely difficult to perfect.  The entire body is involved in making a large amount of weight move from the ground up onto your “rack” (now now, tsk tsk).  With that being said, everyone did a great job today and definitely made some huge improvements.  If you felt that you were having difficulty with it today, don’t get frustrated, don’t get discouraged.  There is definitely going to be a steep learning curve over the next few months as we work with everyone to develop correct form and technique in all the movements.  But rest assured, we are here to help you, and we are passionate about doing it.  Hybrid Athletics is a culmination of Coach Robbie and Coach Nate’s desire to help people along their journey to improved health and fitness, and an more fulfilling life in general.  We keep the gym open ALL day.  6 am thru the end of the last class of the day.  The Unlimited membership gives you access to the gym throughout these hours. Feel free to stop in to ask questions, get some extra skills practice, or just roll and stretch on your lunch break.  We are happy to hang out and share our knowledge.  What good is it if we keep it to ourselves?  Tomorrow we have programmed a more simple workout.  The kind where you can just shut off your brain, turn your motor on and get the work done!


WOD – Nov 22 – JUST MOVE IT!


WU: Tabatta Row for Watts (x 2) & Dynamic Stretch


STRENGTH: Side lunges 4 x 8 ea


WOD:  4 Rounds for Time

  • 25 Burpee Squats
  • 25 Double Unders
  • 25 KB Swings (32kg/24kg)


MIDLINE: Leg Bridge :10, :20, :30, :30, :20, :10


POST: Roll and Stretch (esp Quads & Calves)



If you don’t know what some of the above listed movements are, I guess you will have to come in to find out.

See you then.

WOD – Friday – November 18th

Everyday more people are coming through the doors.  It is so exciting to see everyone start the journey towards a happier, healthier life.  We feel so privileged to be a part of that process.   Thank you.

Scrambled Eggs appears to have been an appropriate name for the workout today.  Many people left feeling a little scrambled themselves.  Great effort everyone!


WOD – Nov 18 – Karen was a StrongMan

WU: Dynamic

BUY IN: 2 x 800m run

TECH: Atlas Stones

WOD: KAREN – 150 Wallball shots for time

FINISH: Vo2 max & Ring V-outs



Busy day, lots to accomplish so make sure you get here early and roll out the kinks.  Don’t know what Ring V-outs are?  You’ll have to come in to find out.


See you soon,

Coach Nate

WOD Thursday November 17

WOW! It’s Amazing how quickly many of you progressed on the OH Squat and Snatch Balance Tech today.  We saw people who had never OH Squated before performing them with a beautiful, full range of motion.

Let’s keep learning tomorrow.  The Snatch is possibly the lost technical movement, but the MUSCLE UP can’t be far behind.


WOD – Nov 17 – Scrambled Eggs

WU: Football Power and Agilities

TECH: Muscle Ups

WOD: 3 rounds for distance (teams)

  • Team 1 – 250m Ski-Erg
  • Team 2 – Max distance Yolk Walk
  • Team 3 – Max Distance Jerry Carry
  • Team 4 (if necessary) – Max Hollow Rocks


Cooldown: Spin and Stretch/Roll


Let’s get a few FIRST muscle ups tomorrow!!!  Some new movements for many of you.  This should be a very fun and interesting day.  Spread the word to your friends, this would be a great day to try out HYBRID ATHLETICS!!


See you there,


Coach Nate

WOD Wednesday Nov 16th

WELCOME BACK COACH ROBBIE!!!  Thank you to everyone for welcoming back Coach Robbie today with some hard work.  Technique improved for a lot of athletes during the Strict Press session.  Everyone impressed with their efforts on the Sprint work.  And the times on the T2B Annie were very good.  We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow.  Time to work on one of the most technical movements in sport.




WU: 1000m Row (85-90% effort)


TECH: Snatch Balance


WOD: Perform 1 Squat Snatch every 30 seconds for 10 successful rounds


FINISHER: 3 rounds for time

  • 10 SDHB (1.5/1 pood KB)
  • 20 OH walking lunge (45/25# plate)
  • 30 Abmat situps


POST: Plank & Stretch


Looking forward to Coaching the finer points tomorrow.

C U There.


Coach Nate

WOD Monday November 14

After a Fantastic week last week, including some new movements for a lot of you, we are excited to see what you guys bring to the table in some of the WODs this week.  We are starting the week with a more “traditional” setup to the WOD for most people:


WOD – NOV 14 – SQUATS!!!


WU: Bike Vo2 + Dynamic Warmup

STARTER: 3 rounds of Cindy (inv ring rows) (for time)

STRENGTH: Low Bar Back Squats 5 x 5

WOD:  5 Rounds for Time (15 min cap)

  • 9 Pullups
  • 15 GHD Back Extension
  • 21 Air Squats


Cool Down:  Spin and Roll (esp Quads, hip flexors, glutes, & ITB)


See you tomorrow folks. Looking forward to putting some weight on the bar!

Coach Nate