Hybrid athletes are getting stronger!!!  Many of you put up some HUGE new PRs on a 5 rep max squat today.  Depth looked great across the board!.  Keep tight at the bottom and make sure to get your depth.  Great work everyone.  Tomorrow we are going to keep lifting heavy, and hit a couple of isolated metcons.


WOD – APRIL 6th – W’td Pullups


WU: 1 km Run + Dynamic


SWOD: Wt’d Pullups

  • 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
  • perform 20 abmat situps after each set
  • rest as needed
  • try to go up in weight each set


WOD 1:

  • 100 Inv Pullups (Ring Rows) for time.
  • RX = straight legs, straight arms and rings touch Chest.
  • Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  • 10 min time cap


WOD 2:

  • 400 yd walking Lunge for time.
  • On turf, back knee must touch ground on each step.
  • no walking forward, every step must count.
  • no hands on knees.
  • 12 min time cap (this will be tough to make)


POST:  Spin and Stretch.  Make sure to spin out REALLY good after the lunge.  Really focus on stretching the hip flexors and quads.


April 5th - Bootcamp WOD

April 5th - CrossFit WOD

WOD – THURSDAY – April 5th

Those runs got hard today didn’t they?  400m is hard enough but when you have to slow down, stop, and speed up again it gets very spicy indeed.  Great work as usual.  Everyone busted their tails to put their best effort on the board and the results were impressive as always.  Lisa, Andrea and Cassandra led the way in the Ladies Bootcamps.  As usual with Running WODS, Buck kicked everyone’s butt again.  If he ever starts lifting weights and breaks over the 150 lb bodyweight mark we might all have a chance on the runs! All the Athlete’s Edge Participants also kicked some tail on this WOD, posting some seriously competitive times.  Great effort!




WU: run, skip, high knees, butt kicks, shuffles, carioca + Dynamic Stretch



  • 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 (Level 2)
  • 10 – 10 – 10 – 10 – 10 (Level 1)


WOD: (20 min cap)

  • Buy In: 30 KB Swings (24/16kg)
  • Four Rounds of : 9 Hand Release Pushups + 12 Knees to Elbows + 15 Goblet Squats
  • Cash Out: 30 KB Swings (24/16kg)


POST: Spin and Stretch your hips.  Make sure you are rolling and stretching out after every class.  Mobility is just as important as strength!  Seriously!


In the WOD you will perform all 30 KB swings, then complete all 4 rounds of the “triplet”, then complete the final 30 KB swings.  You do NOT have to do swings every round, only before the first round, and after the last round.  Goblet Squats are basically Front Squats holding the KB by the vertical parts of the handle.  Come on in and try them out!


April 4th morning classes - 5 x 400m (+6 TGU)

April 4th Evening classes - 5 x 400m (+6 TGU)

April 4th Athlete's Edge - 5 x 400m




Burpees are your friend!!  Who loves Burpees?  Don’t everyone jump up at once now.  Great work tonight peeps.  Everyone worked hard to develop their technique on the Snatch and DB Snatch.  We were very pleased with your ability to take direction and make adjustments to technique on the fly.  The OverHead squat is an extremely difficult exercise, but everyone looked very good performing them.  We will continue to have dedicated periods for technique development in all levels of class in the coming months.  Proper form will greatly improve your performance, and thus your ability to complete more work in less time.  Let’s keep working at it!!


WOD – MARCH 27th – Dead Press


WU: Sleds, Glute Walks, SASL DB RDL + Press (try to figure that one out!), Dynamic Stretch


WOD 1: EMOM 12 rounds

  • 3 Deadlifts
  • 3 “L” Pullups


WOD 2: EMOM 10 rounds

  • 3 Strict Press
  • 10 Hollow Rocks


WOD 3: 3 rounds

  • Max dips (if you can’t do at least 5, use a band that will allow you to get 5-10)
  • 1 min rest between rounds (your score will drop dramatically)


POST: Spin and Stretch


Make sure you are following the POST work / Cool down / Recovery on your own after the class.  We program a full 60 mins in each class (and even more most times) so we expect that you make sure to ROLL and STRETCH after the class is over.


What a workout 12.5 proved to be… Yet again!  If you missed doing it Thursday, you are going to enjoy it soon.  Friday we are going to hit some strength work.  If you missed the WOD today, you can come in and do it Friday, Josh can judge you at anytime for a $10 fee.  If you plan to hit it on Saturday, we suggest you come in today and at least get a sweat on and work on your mobility.


REMINDER that we are hosting the NCCP Olympic Lifting Clinic this weekend and there is still a few spots available.  Check HERE for more details.


WOD – MARCH 23rd

WU: Ladder Drills & Dynamic Stretch



  • Skate Hops
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Hurdles
  • Box reaction drill


SWOD 1:  5 Rounds (rest as needed)

  • Split Lunge (8 reps / leg)
  • Bench Press 8 reps


SWOD 2: 4 rounds (rest as needed)

  • DB Stepups (8 reps / leg)
  • GHD Situp (15 reps)
  • GHD Extension (15 reps)




Last week of the OPEN is upon us.  No time to let your training slide.  Let’s get some good attendance tomorrow and really build some strength.  We will all have 2 days to recover from this before the OPEN WOD so come on out and get some!


WOD – MARCH 20th


WU:  5 rounds

  • 1 min Double Unders
  • 1 Min Hollow Rocks
  • 1 Min Dynamic Stretches


BUY IN: 3 Rounds for time

  • 20 Wallballs (16/10)
  • 15 V-ups
  • 10 Ring Rows


STRENGTH 1: Back Squats

  • 5-5-5-3-3-3
  • Start each set every 90 seconds (including changing weights)
  • use the first 3 sets as warmup and perform 3 working sets


STRENGTH 2: Strict Press

  • 5-5-3-3-3
  • Start each set every 90 seconds (including changing weights)
  • use the first 2 sets as warmup and perform 3 working sets


POST:  Spin and Stretch


The rest is fairly short on these strength sets so change weights quickly and get ready to get back on the bar.  The limited rest will keep the weight down a bit, but try to push it as if the plan was to set a 3 rep max (it will be lower than that, but push hard).


What a great start to the 2012 OPEN.  That was an interesting moment for most of us when we hit “refresh” and OPEN WOD 12.1 finally came up on the screen yesterday.  It was an interesting 7 mins but a lot of great scores were put up today.  We wanted to clear up a few things about the OPEN season for everyone:

  • We will program the WOD for our Thursday classes each week, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only time that you can do the WOD.  Some people may choose to come and work through the movements and just figure some things out on Thursdays, and then hit it on Friday or Saturday.  You can book one of us to judge for you any time during the week for a $10 “donation”.
  • If you are NOT participating in the OPEN, you can still come to classes on Thursdays.  Don’t Skip out.  You can do the OPEN WOD with the group and feel the excitement, or we can give you some other things to work on during the hour.  Either way, don’t skip out.  It is really exciting to watch everyone really get into it and go full throttle.
  • If you are even remotely contemplating entering the OPEN, do it!!!   It is SO much fun to be a part of the excitement.  DO IT!!!



WOD – FEB 24 – Strength




WOD 1:  4 x 400m Run (Rest while partner runs)


    WOD 2:

    • With a partner, choose a weight that you could front squat for 20 reps.
    • When the clock starts, you each do 10 sets of 10 reps, resting only as long as it takes your partner to do their set of 10.
    • Total = 200 reps for time (100 each).


    POST: 3 rounds each with a partner

    • Spin 2 min while your partner does: 20 Hollow Rocks, 20 clam shells per side & 10 wall slides.
    • Stretch it out after.


    Anyone who didn’t do the 5×5 Pullups on Thursday should get them in after class Friday.  GRIFF will be logged on flexfwd.com


    White Board - Feb 23 - Level 1


    Thank you to everyone for being understanding today.  We had to change the WOD because we realized this morning that the Turf Crew was coming to Paint the lines again for us.  Either way you all got a great workout in and the effort from everyone was awesome.  On Wednesday we will do the WOD that we were going to do today (Sleds, Snatch, etc).  It was very cool to see so many of you really getting the hang of the HandStand Walks.  Everyone really progressed since last time and there are quite a few more of you that although you didn’t quite get it tonight, you are soooo close to turning the corner and killing it.  Great to see hard work paying off.

    Tomorrow, we throw down a CrossFit Classic.  For those Ladies competing for a spot on our Affiliate teams, this WOD will count towards our assessment.  There will be 4 workouts in total over the next 10 days.  If you can’t make it on one of the days, let us know, and we will make arrangements for you to do it on the previous or following day.  The “competition WODs” will occur tomorrow, Thursday, Saturday and next Tuesday.  All movements and modalities will be tested  (including HSPU).


    WOD – FEB 14 – CrossFit Total


    WU: 500m Row (smooth) + Power Lifters Warmup (sled, glute Walks, Bandy RDL, Scap Pulls)


    WOD 1: Max 1RM Squat


    WOD 2: Max 1RM Strict Press


    WOD 3: Max 1 RM Deadlift


    There is no individual Time Cap on each WOD, but the workout will end with 5 mins left in the hour.  The warmup should take about 15 mins, so that should leave us with 40 mins to build up and perform each of the 3 Lifts.  Remember to spin out and STRETCH out very well afterwards.  If you want more info on the process and standards of the CrossFit Total, take a look at this article: THE CrossFit TOTAL.  We will be strict on for on each of the lifts so please respect our decisions to scale some of you or stop you from going beyond a certain weight if we see your form breaking down too much.  Thanks team!


    Today (SUNDAY) we hosted our first OLYMPIC LIFTING CLINIC with Coach Christine Girard. All the athlete’s that attended showed some tremendous improvement and many hit PRs in one or both lifts.  Those that didn’t PR today are sure to be doing so over the next few weeks as they continue to work on the tips and skills that they learned.  Congrats to HYBRID Athletes Josh C, Nick W, and Ryan D for their great efforts today.  For those of you who missed out this time around, make sure you let us know your interest and we will work on scheduling another clinic soon.


    WOD – JAN 16 – MICHAEL



    • 50,40,30,20,10 Double Unders
    • 25,20,15,10,5 SuperWomans (prone back extensions)
    • 25,20,15,10,5 Abmat Situps


    WOD 1:  Dynamic Deadlifts

    • 12 x 2 reps EMOM
    • with Chains!


    WOD 2:  Michael

    • 3 rounds for time
    • 800m Run
    • 50 GHD Extensions
    • 50 GHD Situps


    POST:  Stretch low back, hammies, Glutes, Hips, calves


    We will be splitting the groups up on this workout as there is only 4 GHD’s.  Some people will do WOD1 first, others will do WOD2 first.  We will run on the treadmills (.5 miles per round).


    Come on out and get your week started the right way.  Let’s set some good times and get fit.  If you haven’t received an email about FLEX FORWARD, ask the coaches about it.  It is a new tracking program that we are going to use (and that is why we have not been pushing the FITVIEW since we first mentioned it)>  FLEX FORWARD is designed by local CrossFitter Corey Auger (of CrossFit North Van) and is designed like Facebook, only for CrossFit.  Check it out at:    http://flexfwd.com    Create a User Profile, join the group HYBRID ATHLETICS, and start logging your training info.


    See you at the GYM!