Today was a tough day.  2 WODS.  Both of which were a crusher.  You all pushed very hard today and we are thankful for your efforts.  Everyday is a day to get better.  Today you did just that.  I know that we really harped on form and technique, but it is very important to do thing correctly.  If not, you might come up against a judge at a competition that “no reps” you over and over again.  We don’t want that to happen to you, so we are going to “no rep” you during training to perfect your technique.


With that being said, let’s get ready to move some serious weight tomorrow!


WOD – DEC 29 – Max Deadlift


WU: 4 rounds

  • 10 MB Slams
  • 10 Box/Bench Jumps (step down on the first set or two)


MOBILITY: stretch/roll out that low back, glutes and Hammies


STRENGTH: 1 RM Deadlift + Weighted Pullups (7 x 3)

  • 3 rounds of Tech work (light weight and lots of coaching)
  • 4 rounds to build up weight
  • 3 attempts at a 1 RM (go up if you get it)
  • In between rounds 1-7 we will be doing 3 Weighted Pullups


WOD: 3 Rounds

  • 21-18-15     SDHP (95/65)
  • 12-9-6        L-Chinups




Hitting the WODS is just part of the equation.  Make sure you are stretching out and working on your Mobility DAILY!  Being flexible will allow you greater range of motion to perform exercises (the deadlift is a great example of this).  Come in early and do some extra rolling, stay after class and work some mobility exercises.  Nutrition is also a HUGE part of the puzzle.  Figure your diet out and get on the right path to a Healthier year in 2012.  For more info, check out Coach Nate’s new Nutrition Blog and join him in our HYBRID ATHLETIC Nutrition Challenge for the month of January.  Ask your coaches or the Service Desk Staff for more info.


We hope everyone had a very special Christmas this year.  We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of each of your lives and we greatly look forward to helping everyone set and reach their Health & Fitness Goals in 2012.  With that being said, make sure you are setting some goals for your self.  Write them down, share them with a friend or a Coach, and hold yourself accountable to them.  If we don’t make ourselves a map, then how can we tell where we are going?


In order to facilitate this stated “Reaching of Goals” we have decided to create a few new resources for all our members:


1: White Board Tracking

We will be tracking more accurately on the White Board at the Gym.  As you may have seen we have permanently marked one of the Boards with a Scoring Table.  This will allow us to keep a much cleaner list of who came and how they performed each day.  We will be entering the info into the FITVIEW system that we are running (if you don’t know what this is, ask your coach today).  FITVIEW will track everything for you, complete with neat little graphs and charts to show your progress.  There is even and Ipod/Iphone & an Ipad app available.  In addition to this, we are creating a “White Board” Photo Gallery on the Hybrid Athletics FaceBook Page.  The plan is that at the end of each day we will post a pic of the White Board for that day, so you can get a quick look at how your times stacked up.


Our request from each of you, is that when you arrive at the gym each day, you go straight over to the Scoring Board and write your name down in the next available ROW.  This will allow us to know you are there, keep track of your scores, and get your info entered into the system properly (this is important to allow us to help you assess your progress towards your goals).  Thank you in advance for your efforts in this matter.


2: Nutrition Blog and 30 Day Paleo/Nutrition Challenge

Starting tomorrow (December 26th) Coach Nate will be starting a PALEO BLOG at http://coachn8.wordpress.com/.  Coach Nate will also be leading a Paleo/Nutrition Challenge here at HYBRID during the month of January.   Keep an eye on our website, FaceBook, Twitter and Coach Nate’s Blog for all the details.  Feel free to ask the coaches or service desk staff for more info when you are at the gym as well.


3: Hygiene

This is just a quick point to remind everyone about health risks that are always present in public places.  Many people are sick these days and as always, these viruses are very contaigious.  Make sure to wash your hands ALL the time and to clean up after yourself at the gym.  There are spray bottles places throughout the gym for everyone to use to wipe down equipment, mats, etc.  Please take the time to use them.

Also, we have had a few incidents of people bleeding lately.  If you happen to cut yourself, please take care of it IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t wait until the end of the workout when your blood is already spread around the gym.  We all want to get a good workout in, but take a few seconds to wash yourself off, tape yourself up, and then get back at it, if it is safe to do so.  We have cleaned and disinfected the aforementioned areas of concern, but moving forward let’s all be proactive and keep your facility clean and safe.


We hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!