We would like to thank everyone for being so welcoming to our new coach Simon (aka THOR).  Simon has been doing a great job (we knew that he would) and everyone has been very friendly and even listening very well.  Now if only you would all do that for Coach Robbie and Coach Nate. LOL.  You will also notice that Reilly has been shadowing some of the evening classes as well.  He will also be starting to do some coaching for us so please introduce yourself to him if you haven’t officially met him.

Congrats to those who have recently added MUSCLE UPS to their tool belt: Buck, Ryan Schwartz, Leah, Larry to name a few.  If we missed you, make a comment on this page, we want to make sure everyone gets their time to shine!



WU:  1 Mile Bike at Level 15 + 500m Row + Dynamic Stretch



  • Power clean 6×3
  • Snatch high pull 6×4
  • Hang clean 6×3



  • 15 rounds x 2 reps
  • every 30 sec you most complete 2 front squats


POST:  10 min squat test




Another week is in the books for the CrossFit OPEN.  12.3 was a killer workout, but we are all fitter for having completed it (some twice).  Let’s make sure we train hard for the next few days and get ready for what WOD 12.4 has in store for us.  Any Guesses?


WU:  dynamic & shoulder stretch


TECH: Muscle Ups, Sumo Deadlift High Pull



  • 7 Muscle Ups
  • 21 SDHP
  • 5 rounds


POST: L-sit test

  • Complete 2 mins in the L-Sit
  • Everytime fall off complete 20 abmat sits
  • 10min time cap





Well if you haven’t seen it yet, here you go.  OPEN WOD 12.2 has been released and it is a douzy.  Once again it is designed to allow everyone to participate, but structured to start to create some division on the leaderboard.  I think this WOD works out very well for our gym and we should see some people really moving up the leaderboard.  If you are planning on completing this WOD as your competition WOD tomorrow, come early and stretch out those shoulders and low back.  If you are planning on hitting it on Saturday, come tomorrow anyways as we can really work on your technique and get you lifting those heavier weights.  It will also allow us as coaches to develop a strategy for you personally.  If you are planning to do your “official” workout on Saturday, please take a look at the POST we made with all the regulations involved.  We also suggest that you do Fridays strength work tomorrow after class so that you still get it in, but not the day before your competition.  We also suggest that you still come on Friday, just to get a good warmup and some really good mobility in, not to mention get to see all your HYBRID buddies!


PS: Great job on the workout by everyone today.  We are seeing a lot of people really making some changes in both their Fitness Level and their Body Shape.  Keep up the great efforts Peeps!


WOD – Mar 1 – OPEN WOD 12.2


WU: 5 x 100m Row + Dynamic Stretches + Shoulder Mobility Drills


TECH: Muscle Snatch, Power Snatch,, Squat Snatch, Split Snatch


WOD: 10 min AMRAP

  • 30 Snatches @ 75/45
  • 30 Snatches @ 135/75
  • 30 Snatches @ 165/100
  • Max reps in the remaining time: Snatches @ 210/120


POST: Spin & Stretch


Like we said, come on in no matter what your plans are.  It is a great opportunity to see others do the workout and get a feel for what it will look like.  See you there!


WOD – Mar 2 – Strength


WU: Incline Tabatta Run (8.0/8%) + Tabatta Ski + Dynamic


SWOD: Weighted Pullups 7 x 1 – work up to your heaviest strict Pullup, then go heavier and kip. (record both) + 15 Hollow Rocks during 90 sec rest.


SWOD2: Deadlifts 6 x 10 – 3 build up sets and 3 work sets – tap and go but no bouncing. + 5 kipping / butterfly pullups during 90 sec rest.


SWOD3: Strict Press 5 x 5 – 5 work sets, but move the bar quickly – don’t go to failure + 10 GHD situps during 90 sec rest.


POST: Spin and Stretch.


Those of you who are going to hit the OPEN WOD on Saturday should do this strength work on Thursday and then come in Friday to spin and mobilize / stretch.


White Board - Feb 29th



WODS – M/T/W – FEBRUARY 27,28,29

WOD 12.1 is officially closed.  It is now time to forget about burpees, and start preparing for the second workout of the 2012 CrossFit Open.  Unless of course they program 8 mins of burpees!  In order to allow those people who are participating in the OPEN and really want to score well, we are posting the first 3 workouts of the week to allow you to “cherry pick” your week as you see fit.  We prefer that you come in for all 3 days, and then hit it on Thursday.  We are programming to allow for you to be peaking on Thursday, but at the same time to allow those who are not participating to get a good workout in each day.  That being said, there will be a few things programmed on Wednesdays that we suggest those of you who are competing should skip out.  They will be italicized to let you know ahead of time.  Those of you who are really trying to score best on the OPEN WODS may want to come to the thursday session, work on the tech of the movements programmed, watch some other people do the WOD, and then hit it of Saturday.  If you are planning on going this route, please let us know so that we can plan ahead for it (see yesterdays post about the Saturday workouts).




WU: Row 300m (damper 1 @ 22 SPM) / dynamic stretch / Row 300m (damper 5 @ 22 SPM) / Dowels & Leg swings / Row 300m (damper 10 @ 22 SPM)


TECH: Squat Cleans


WOD 1: 10 min EMOM – 1 Squat Clean & Thruster, 1 Push Press, 1 Push Jerk


WOD 2: In teams of 3 – complete a 5 min L-SIT (run a 5-10-15-20-25 suicide each time you break)


POST: Spin & Stretch





WU: Bike VO2 / Dynamic / Treadmill Tabatta / Dowels & Swings


WOD 1: Sled Push (300/200# x 25 yds) + Jerry Carry (25 yds) + Row 150 m (start a new round every 2.5 mins)


WOD 2: T2B (10) + Hand Release Pushups (10) + Alternating Split Lunge Hops (10ea) – 5 Rounds


POST: Spin & Stretch





WU: Ladders & Dynamic Stretch


WOD: ROW 1km + Run 1 km + Bike 2 miles


MIDLINE:  7 min Abs


MOBILITY: 10 Min Squat Test


POST: Spin 5+ mins & Stretch/Roll


Each of these workouts is designed for you to GO HARD during the work phase!!!  They are short in duration, but need to be at MAXIMUM intensity to be effective so get ready to bring it hard and recover quickly.


Those were 2 tough WODS today.  The Muscle up is probably the hardest exercise in the world.  But man is it fun when you get your first one.  The progressions we worked on today can and should be performed weekly if you really want to make some headway towards getting your first MU.  Come in before class, stay after, whatever.  Just try to get some extra time working on it.  You need to be strong enough to do 10 strict pullups, and 10 strict ring dips, and then it will be easy.  The Handstand walk showed some tremendous improvement from last time we programmed it.  You guys rocked it.  Those of you who we have seen working on the skills before and after class really performed well today.  Everyone progressed during the session, and we are sure that it is about to happen for everyone.

Congrats to Adam Gauer, Ryan Doherty and Adam Perzow for finishing ZOE as prescribed within the time cap.  Also, big congrats to Buck, Adam Gauer (again), Larry, Tim D, Richard Sturmey and Lisa for completing 100yards of Handstand walk within the time cap.  Keep on improving and it will become second nature.


WOD – JAN 13 – OLY + Nancy


WU: Burgener Warmup



  • Snatch Deadlift 4 x 3
  • Snatch High-Pull 4 x 3
  • Power Snatch 4 x 3
  • Overhead Squat 4 x 3



  • 400m run
  • 15 OH Squats
  • 5 rounds




As usual, the program will take the full hour.  Try to get in a few mins early to row/run/ride and get a bit of a sweat on.  The Burgener warmup will help, but it is always good to be sweating like a hostage before you touch a bar.  And don’t forget to spin out and Stretch afterwards.


REMINDER**  The Olympic Lifting Clinic with Christine Girard is this Sunday from 9-4:30.  Cost is $100 for non-members and only $80 for Unlimited Members.  Sign up now, there are only a few spots left.


SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS.   Pistols are a skill.  We need to be able to do them as the are likely to come up in the Open or at Regionals.  Plus, if you can move your bodyweight through a complete range of motion with just one foot, imagine how powerful you could be with 2 feet!!  The WALL WALKS were definitely a sticking point for many everyone, but they will make you stronger and much better at Handstand Pushups and Handstand walking.  We were really pleased with how hard everyone worked today.  Congrats to all the new ON-RAMPERS for completing their first CrossFit Workout!!! It was great to have you all out and we look forward to getting to know all of you and helping you “Make your Goals a Reality”.


WOD – JAN 6th – 2 min Defense


WU: 5 x 100m Row (Sprint) + Dynamic


TECH: Cleans and Jerks


WOD:  2 rounds with 3 min rest between

  • 1 Squat Clean
  • 2 Hang Power Cleans
  • 3 Jerks
  • 200Foot Run
  • Complete 5 rounds of the 4 movements, rest 3 mins exactly, repeat for 5 more rounds.
  • 135# / 95#


POST: Planks and Bridges.


This is Coach Robbie and Coach Nate’s favorite workout.  It is a ton of fun, but VERY challenging.  We may need to split into 2 heats depending on numbers (in which case 1/2 the class will do the Bridging and Planking First).


We are looking forward to some fun tomorrow.  Come on out and get ready for the NFL Playoffs!





  • JANUARY 15 (SUNDAY)  9:30 – 5



  • An all-day Olympic Lifting Clinic With Canadian Olympian Christine Girard.
  • The Clinic will include 2 Classroom sessions and 2 Practical sessions (1 of each for the Clean & Jerk as well as the Snatch).
  • Christine will use Audio, Tactile, Visual and Film cueing to help improve your technique.
  • Each attendee will participate in an “official” Olympic Lifting Competition (performing one of the 2 major lifts).
  • Christine will be training during the lunch break so plan to stick around and see what a World Class Olympic Lifter’s training session looks like.


HYBRID Athlete Christine Girard Won the GOLD MEDAL at the Pan Am games today in Guadalajara Mexico!!

Christine set a new Pan Am Games / Commonwealth / Canadian Record with a 238kg total.  This included a Pan Am Games Record 106kg Snatch which ties her personal best.


Christine will be a guest on the BRO JAKE show on ROCK 101 on Thursday morning at around 9am.  Be sure to listen in to hear all about her experience in Mexico and her plans for the World Championships next Month in Paris, France.


We are also planning to host a Press Conference here at HYBRID on Friday afternoon so keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter Feed for more details.


Christine training at the Pan Am Games in her HYBRID gear.

Christine training at the Pan Am Games in her HYBRID gear.

Competition Season is upon us!

Competitive sport brings out the best in each of us.  It teaches you where your limits are and how to break through them.  In the next few months the athletes from HYBRID ATHLETICS will be entering numerous competitive events in multiple categories of fitness.  Here is a quick look at some of the up coming events for a few of the HYBRID Athletes:

Christine Girard

  • Pan Am Games – Olympic Weightlifting: October 23-26 – Guadalajara
  • World Championships – Olympic Weightlifting: November 8th – Paris, France

Coach Nate

  • Taranis Winter Challenge – CrossFit: November 4-6 – Victoria
  • Vancouver Man Show’s Strongest Man Competition – November 19 – Abbotsford
  • Larry Burke Memorial – Olympic Weightlifting – November 26 – West Vancouver

Tim Dickson

  • Taranis Winter Challenge – CrossFit: November 4-6 – Victoria
  • Maybe we can convince him to do the StrongMan Event as well?!?!


Come on out and join us.  Lace up your boots and let the competitive juices flow, or simply come out and cheer us on.  Either way we would love to see you there!!!