Bootcamps, Schedule adjustments & Athletes Edge

BOOTCAMPS ARE COMING TO HYBRID!!! (coming back that is).

  • Bootcamps will NOT require an On-ramp (this is a great way to get your friends a chance to try out what HYBRID has to offer).
  • Bootcamps will be high tempo, high energy classes that still focus on the 10 General Physical Skills of CrossFit, but without the heavy lifts, or advanced techniques.
  • Bootcamps will be open to ALL members, whether you have a Bootcamp Membership, or a CrossFit membership, you are more than welcome.
    • Tuesdays at 9:30 am and 7 pm.
    • All Classes Thursdays
    • Saturdays at 9 am
    • This is a trial schedule, if there is enough interest, more classes may be added (eg: Sunday, MWF, etc)
    • For full Schedule info, Rates and any other questions stop by the Service Desk or email info@hybridathletics.ca for more details.


  • Our Evening Athletes Edge class is starting back up effective immediately.
  • Classes will mirror our 3:30pm Junior Class, with slight adjustments for age and athlete capabilities.
  • Ages are typically 12-18 but some exceptions are made on a case by case basis (experience, attention, maturity, etc)
  • Classes will run Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:45pm.  The 3rd session available is on Fridays at 3:30pm when we have all the AE members together with Coach Nate.


  • Just a reminder that on Saturdays we now offer 2 classes:
    • The BOOTCAMP class is at 9am and will be a long, sweaty, team style workout.  This is a great way to start of your weekend with a really good sweat.
    • Our “TEAM PRACTICE” is at 10:30am.  This is when our CENTAURS COMPETITION TEAM will be practicing together in anticipation of continuing our long standing success in competitions at all levels.  Feel free to join the team for these “Advanced Sessions”.
    • If you are unable to make it out to the 9 am class, you are welcome to do the Bootcamp WOD at 10:30, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the 10:30 Team Practice.


  • The 1 pm class has been back on for the past few weeks on MWF.  The class has consistently attended but sparsely.  We will continue to run the classes for October and review attendance levels month-to-month.

Survey Results & PT Winners!!!

We are still analyzing all the data from the surveys and trying to figure out how to best schedule everything to make it all work.  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to fill out a survey and also those who wrote us a Google Review on our Google Business Page.  Feel free to head over there or to our FaceBook page anytime to leave us a review about how Hybrid has affected your life.


The 2 main things that will be starting right away are:

  • The 1pm Class will be returning.  It will run Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays starting next week (Sept 14th).
  • The Friday 5:45 class is going to make a comeback on a “registered” basis (starting Sept 18th).  If you are interested in this class, swing by the Service Desk for registration details.


We are also just ironing out the details on the following ideas as well:

  • We will be adding at least 1 more class on Saturdays.  There will also be some type of gym availability on Sundays as well (for members of all Levels)
  • The Athletes Edge Sr class will be coming back (day and time to be determined).
  • We will be introducing several new programs on a “registered” basis as well. (Bootcamp, Yoga, Oly & Gymnastics sessions, Spin, Krav Maga).


Please keep an eye on the RED BANNER at the top of the page to keep up to date on all the NEWS here at Hybrid!



As for the Draw for the 30 min PT sessions.  We were so grateful for all your feedback that we decided to add a third session to the prize.  We drew 2 names at random from the Survey list, and another from those that left a review on Google.

The three lucky winners are:  Sherilyn Swayne, Evan Young & Tim Jeves.  Stop by the service desk when you get a chance to ask about booking your Free PT!!!


Just a quick reminder that our Fall Schedule will look drastically different than our Summer Schedule has.

You might remember that several classes were put on “hiatus” over the summer while attendance was low.  As the membership begins to pick up again as we head into September, we will begin to re-introduce some of the classes that took a break.

We will also be looking to implement some new programs to provide you with even more options and enticements for you to spend time at Hybrid!

Stop by the Service Desk to grab an “Interest Survey” about the following programs/classes and  give us your feedback (and any suggestions/ideas you might have).  The more interest a program/class gets, the sooner it will be implemented.

  • 1 pm CrossFit Class
  • 5:45pm Friday Class
  • 7am CrossFit Class
  • Morning/Evening/Weekend BOOTCAMP class (more circuits, less barbell)(time to be determined)
  • The Athletes Edge SRs (13-17ys old)(usually in the evenings)
  • Earlier / Later Classes on Saturdays
  • Classes on Sundays
  • Olympic Lifting Club/Clinics
  • Gymnastics Club/Clinics
  • Spin Class
  • YOGA
  • Krav Maga
  • Your Ideas….


We are very excited as we move forward into the fall season.  We are looking forward to helping each and every Hybrid member work towards reaching their heath and fitness goals.



BIG BIG NEWS about membership Rates and ONRAMP Program

We are making some big changes to our Membership Structure and On-Ramp Program. These changes will be effective immediately (September 1st) for all new members, however we will “grandfather” all current contracts through December 31st unless a change is requested by the member.

Please take a moment to read through the new Membership Structure and then feel free to talk to the Service Desk Staff, Nate, Robbie or Julie with any questions you might have.

New Membership Structure:

Level 1 Membership: $175/month “Pay-as-you-go” ($150 per month on a 12 month contract)
Includes: UNLIMITED Classes (plus adequate warmup and cooldown time)

Level 2 Membership: $200/month “Pay-as-you-go” ($170 per month on a 12 month contract)
Includes: UNLIMITED Classes, Access to Open Gym times, Access to Centaurs Competition Program (includes Team Training Sessions & Additional Programming)

Level 3 Membership: $265/month “Pay-as-you-go” ($230/month on 12 month Contract)
Includes: Unlimited Classes, Access to Open Gym times, Access to the Centaurs Competition Program (Team Sessions + Programming) + 1 Personal Training Session per month


  • As stated, if you have had a 2 or 3 day per week membership with us during 2015, we will allow you to continue that membership through December 31st.
  • Youth Rates are listed under THE ATHLETES EDGE on our rates page.
  • Full time Post Secondary Students, Military and Emergency Services Personnel (First Responders) are privy to the 12 month rates without having to commit to 12 month contract.
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask them any time.  We are here to answer them all and clarify everything


New On-Ramp Program

The new On-Ramp program will span 2 months, will consist of 6 Personal Training Sessions (5 before you start classes & 1 more at the end of your 2 months), and Unlimited Classes during your first 2 months (after you complete your first 5 PTs). The final PT session at the end of your On-Ramp will be a opportunity to work on any skills that you feel you need help with, as well as a chance to re-test one of your On-Ramp WODs and see how much you have improved!. We feel that 2 months is a more adequate time to actually make some substantial changes to your fitness and lifestyle. This will also allow people to really become part of the community here at Hybrid (and you are the best part about HYBRID).

The cost of the On-Ramp will now be 2 payments of $200 (1 at the beginning and 1 after the 1st month). This is a great value because you are receiving 6 PT sessions ($450 value), and about 6-7 weeks of Unlimited Classes ($250+ value).



Once more, if you have questions, please ask them.  It was difficult to get all our thoughts down here on paper so if you come to talk to us about it, we can do a much better job of explaining it all.

SR ATHLETES EDGE is looking to make a Comeback!!!

If you know of any young athletes between the ages of 13-18 that are interested in our SR. Athletes Edge Program, please refer them to get in contact with us ASAP.

The classes traditionally run from 6:45-7:45pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings (the 3rd session of the week is with the younger group on Fridays at 3:30pm).

This class took a break during the summer but with enough interest we are hoping to start it back up in September.  The program will run on a “registered” basis in order to fill a minimum number of athletes.  Athletes can register for 1, 2, or 3 days per week.

Contact us via phone (604-817-6357), email (info@hybridathletics.ca), or stop by our service desk during business hours (8am-8pm).



We are having a photographer come in to take a video tour/photos of the gym tomorrow as such the gym will be closed from 12-4.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  The finished product will be uploaded to Google Maps and our website as soon as it is available.


Congratulations to KEVIN MACINNES for being the first member to earn a FREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP for directly referring someone to our ON-RAMP program.  Enjoy your free month KEVIN!!!

Contact our Service Desk ASAP to find out how too can earn free months.

Scheduling Change

SCHEDULING NOTE: Due to low/non attendance, we are cancelling the 1pm class for the remainder of the summer. There will still be OPEN GYM during those hours on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and there will usually be a coach around to answer any questions if you want to come in and do the WOD on your own.