HYBRID‘s Holiday Hours are as follows:

  • Friday December 23rd – Normal hours
  • Saturday December 24th – Normal Hours (8:15am & 9:30 am)
  • Sunday December 25th – CLOSED
  • Monday December 26th – Holiday Hours (8:15am & 9:30am)
  • Tuesday December 27th – Limited Hours (5:45am, 9:30am, 5:45pm, 6:45pm Athletes Edge)
  • Wednesday 28th-Saturday 31st – Normal Hours
  • Sunday January 1st – CLOSED
  • Monday January 2nd – Holiday Hours (8:15am and 9:30am)
  • Tuesday January 3rd – onwards = back to normal hours


MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a great Holiday season with your families!!!


Yes you read that right, there is currently a Groupon Ad running with a smoking hot deal for our Bootcamp Classes.  Check out Groupon, or talk to our Service Desk staff for all the details.

If you are new to Hybrid and have purchased the Groupon, take a look around our website to learn everything you need to know to get started:


Come on by to check us out in person.  You won’t be disappointed!!!


In our on-going effort to offer the best services to the greatest variety of people here at Hybrid Athletics, we are expanding our Bootcamp classes.  The new Schedule will be effective immediately and will look like this:

NOV 16 Jpeg               CLICK HERE to check out the SCHEDULE PAGE


This means we will now offer 18 class time slots classified as “BOOTCAMP WELCOME”.  This spans over 6 days per week, with each weekday having at least option. Now there is no excuse to ever miss a workout!

What does this mean for our existing CrossFit members?  Not too much is different.  There are still 39 class time slots for you to choose from per week (and all kinds of OPEN GYM if you have a Level 2 Membership)

  • The programming for “Cardio Thursday” will remain the same as it has always been.
  • The programming for “BOOTCAMP WELCOME” on Tuesdays will remain the same as it has been over the month of September/October.  You might have noticed that we don’t use many barbells on Tuesdays, and we hit several WODs, often with short rest.  This will remain the same.
  • The programming for M/W/F will continue to be heavy on the barbell and classic CrossFit movements.
  • As attendance and demand for Bootcamps &/or CrossFit increases we will look to add more coaches to a class, or add more classes to the schedule.

2 Classes on Saturdays now!!!

Reminder that starting tomorrow we will now be hosting 2 classes on Saturdays.

@ 8:15 am we will be running a classic BOOTCAMP class.  This will be programmed similar to our Tuesday Bootcamp Classes.

@ 9:30 am will be our traditional Saturday programming.  A mix of BOOTCAMP & CROSSFIT that is scale-able to all levels.

We look forward to seeing you there!!!  Bring a friend and receive a free QuestBar / Muscle Milk / Coconut Water.

BOOTCAMP bonus!!!

Don’t forget to check out ALL the awesome services offered here at Hybrid Athletics.
Our CrossFit Fraser Valley Programs have been running strong for past 5 years but there is so much more to Hybrid than just our CFFV programs.
Recently our BOOTCAMPS really taken off.  We currently offer 10* BOOTCAMP time slots per week (*3 different days – see our SCHEDULE for more info) and we are looking to add more as the interest grows.
Prospective members can try out our BOOTCAMPS for FREE.  So bring your friends and show them what separates Hybrid Athletics from everyone else.
As an added bonus, any current member who brings a friend to a BOOTCAMP in June, July or August will receive their choice of: a Quest Bar, Muscle Milk, or Coconut Water from our Retail Shop.

We also offer some fantastic programs for Kids (see THE ATHLETES EDGE), Small Group and Team Training,  as well as Personal Training for those who want a little more 1-on-1 coaching.


Why you SHOULD do the CrossFit OPEN this year.

The 2016 CrossFit Open is finally here.

WOD 16.1 will be announced live on games.crossfit.com at 5pm.  Canada West’s own Emily Abbott will be throwing down on the live telecast to set the standard for the rest of us to reach for.

The OPEN is a 5 week online competition that anyone and everyone can and should participate in.  It is a chance to truly “test your fitness” and see what you can do.  Sure it is an opportunity to see how you stack up against the rest of the world.  You can filter the standings in so many ways that you could box yourself into any demographic that you fit into and see where you place (eg: female, 32yrs old, BC, Canada).

But more importantly, it is a chance to see how you stack up against YOU.  How does “current you” stack up against “past you” (if you have previously done the OPEN).  How will you stack up against “future you” (your scores will be kept on the Games website indefinitely and can be compared against in future years).   We will be programming the workouts for classes on Fridays anyways so everyone will be doing them.  You might as well sign up and make it official.  We guarantee that you will get a better score if you are registered then if you are not.

Most importantly, it is a chance to develop our community even further.   Hybrid Athletics is such an amazing place because of the relationships that are created here, not how many pushups get completed 😉  We want you to enjoy the process of testing your fitness, and we think you will surprise yourself with all the things you can do!

Besides, who wouldn’t want someone else to count for them when they are tired?  That’s hard to do!!!


For more info or to register for the CrossFit Games OPEN, go to games.crossfit.com

Make sure to list “CrossFit Fraser Valley” as your affiliate and join the “CENTAURS” team.

YOGA – Schedule and Rates

Just a quick reminder that YOGA with Dana runs every Sunday from 3-4 pm and is great for stretching out all those aches and pains and getting yourself ready for the week ahead.

Drop-in is only $15 and you can also sign up for a calendar month for a reduced rate (4 sessions for $40).

Come on by and check it out!!!



The Class will run for the next 3 SUNDAYS (December 6th, 13th & 20th).
The cost will be $20 if you sign up for all 3 sessions, or a $10 drop-in fee. Non-members are welcome at the same rate for this 3 week trial period.

If this class is successful over these 3 weeks we will start it up again in January and look at adding more options.

Stop by / call / email the Service Desk at Hybrid for more info or to sign up.


Gymnastics seminar for Advanced Crossfitters

Cost: $100 ($125 for non-Hybrid Members)
4 classes (once a week) with Coach Aimee
Thursdays at 6-7:30pm
Starting Nov 12th
MAX 12 participants

Talk to Aimee for more details.  Sign up at the Service Desk at HYBRID.

Pre req to sign up:

5 kipping pull ups rx
1 strict pull up
5 kipping hspu rx
1 strict hspu (1 abmat)
1 strict dip

We will be covering the following movements

Kipping pull ups
Butterfly pull-ups
Bar muscle ups
Kipping hspu
Strict hspu
Handstand walking
Ring muscle ups
Weekly homework will be provided to all the athletes to be completed on their own time before the next session.

To be tested in the week leading up to the first class

Max set pull ups
Max set c2b
Max set t2b
Max set kipping hspu
Max set strict hspu
Max dips
Max muscle ups ring and bar (if you have them)