WU: (8 mins)
Tabatta Row (add meters each round)
10 Inchworms + Dynamic + Dowel

MOB: (8 mins)
Low Dragon, Lizard, Pigeon, Straddle, Forward Fold, Supine Twist, Puppy Dog, Twisted Cross

ACTIVATION: (8 mins)
TWY + Rotator + Pec
Glute Walk
MB Squeeze
Good Mornings
Lat Pulldown + Tricep
Banded Press
KB Arm Bar

SWOD: (20 mins)
5 min Warmup
15 min ALT EMOM
Min 1: 5 reps Deadlift*
Min 2: 3-6 Strict CHIN-ups
Min 3: 5 reps Bench Press*
*Build weight on each set
Group up and share DL bar and Bench Setup

WOD: 10 min AMRAP
10 Pullups (Scale to 5)
10 Ring Dips (Scale to 5)
20 Alt Pistols (scale to 20 Air Squats)


WU: (8 mins)
200m Ski + Row + Run + 25m Sled Push
Dynamic + Dowel

MOB: (8 mins)
Calf, Dragon, Twisted Lizard, Pigeon, Straddle, Forward Fold, Puppy Dog

ACTIVATION: (6 mins)
TWY + Rotator
Seated Glute ABduction
Gas Pedal
Banded Hamstring
Lat Pulldown + Tricep

WOD A: 4 Rounds
2 mins Work / 2 mins Rest
50 yard Small Sled + Max cals SKI

4 mins rest

WOD B: 4 Rounds
2 mins Work / 2 mins Rest
200m Run + Max cals Assault


WU: (8 mins)
Ski, Row, Bike :30 easy/:30 hard (any order)
5 Inchworms + Dynamic + Dowel

MOB: (8 mins)
Low Dragon, Lizard, Twisted Lizard, Pigeon, Straddle, Supine Twist, Eagle in Saddle, Puppy Dog, Twisted Cross

ACTIVATION: (8 mins)
TWY + Rotator
Banded Glute AB/ADDuction
Lat Pulldown + Tricep
MB Scoop Throw x 5
Box Jump x 5 (30/24″)
KB Arm Bar

SWOD: On a Running Clock
0-10: Build to a Heavy Complex: 1 Sq Clean + 2 Front Squat + 1 Jerk
10,12,14: 3 x E2MOM: 1 Heavy Split Jerk
16,18,20: 3 x E2MOM: 3 reps Back Squat

WOD: 6 min AMRAP
6 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
8 Reverse Stepping Lunges (135/95)(4 per leg)
10 Toes-2-Bar


REMINDER: This is the last week we will be posting the WODs in this location. See Mondays Post for more info. To clarify, the members with Level 1, 2, or 3 memberships, or Unlimited Bootcamp memberships will be granted free access to the IG/FB accounts.

WU: (8 mins)
2 Rounds:
500m Row
5 Inchworm
10 Lizard Lunge

MOB: (7 mins)
Puppy Dog, Forearm/Wrist, Low Dragon, Dragon, Forward Fold

ACTIVATION: (10 mins)
TWY + Rotator
Gas Pedal
Knee Extension
Glute Walk
KB Arm Bar
Banded Press

SWOD: 10 Round alt EMOM
10 Right arm DB Shoulder Press
10 left arm DB Shoulder Press

WOD: 2 Rounds for time
1000/800m row
50 Burpees 6″ target


*NOTE* This will be the last week that we are posting the WOD on this page. For future WODS, please follow “@HybridWOD” on Instagram (this is a private account for Hybrid Members only), and/or join the FaceBook group “Hybrid Athletics General Members (WOD Pics)”. We will be posting the picture from the WOD screen at HYBRID (the TV) to these accounts on a daily basis from now on. If you are not a HYBRID member but are interested in following our programming remotely, please email “info@hybridathletics.ca” for more info.

WU: (7 mins)
4 Rounds: 15 sec Assault / 45 sec rest
Dynamic + Dowel Stretch

MOB: (8 mins)
Low Dragon, Lizard, Straddle, Supine Twist, Puppy Dog, Twisted Cross

ACTIVATION: (10 mins)
KB Arm Bar
Foam Slides
Seated Glute ABduction
TWY + Rotator
Med ball Squeeze
Banded Press
Build to High Box Jump and HS Hold

10 Round EMOM: 1 Hang Snatch (Build with perfect form)

10 Rounds:
15 sec max cal Assault
45 sec rest
30 Deadlifts (225/155) for time (3 min cap)


WU: (7 min)
300m Ski + 1 min arm plank
300m Row + 1 min arm plank

MOB: (8 min)
Low Dragon, Dragon, Pigeon, Forward Fold, Half Bound Angle QL, Supine Twist, Puppy Dog, Twisted Cross

ACTIVATION: (10 min)
KB arm bar
Glute walk
TWY + Rotator
Med ball squeeze
Knee extension
Single leg squat (airex)
Tricep extensions
Banded press

SWOD: (12 min)
6 Round E2MOM (3 / side)
7 UB Turkish getups

WOD: 20 min Alt EMOM
A) 10 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
B) 10 HSPU
C) 10 Thrusters (95/65lb)
D) 10 Pull-ups
At 20 min mark complete 1 Round of A+B+C+D for time


WU: (8 mins)
3 min Run on Treadmill (1%)
Start any speed – inc. speed by .5 every 30s

MOB: (7 mins)
Dragon, Twisted Lizard, Pigeon, Standing Straddle, Supine Twist

ACTIVATION: (5 mins)
Good Mornings
Gas Pedal
5 Inch Worm
10 Lizard Lunge

WOD: (40 min cap)
A) 1.5 mile treadmill run 1% incline
B) 3000/2400m ROW
C) 150/105 cal Assault
(Start on A, B, or C)