WU: (15 mins)
3 Rounds:
5 yard HS walk to 30 sec hold
15 GHD sit-up
5 to 10 strict pull-ups
MOB: Lat, Tricep, Hip, Glute, Couch

OLY: (20-30 mins)
Build to a Heavy Dip Snatch
Build to a Heavy Power Clean & Push Jerk

2 Rounds
25 yard Barbell Farmer Carry 355/255 lbs (scale= DB/Jerry Can/KB)
50 Double-Unders
12/8 Muscle-Ups 20/15 C2B
25 yard Barbell Farmer Carry
Rest the same amount of time it took to complete first round
Score is total time including rest


WU: (20 mins)
50/40, 40/30, 30/20, 20/10 cal row (rest 60 secs b/w each)
MOB: Front Rack, Pec, Bully, Hip, Squat

OLY: (15 mins)
Push Jerk + Jerk (HEAVY)

SWOD: (10 mins)
4 mins to warm up Back Squats
1 min to complete “Widow Maker” (20 back squats @ 135/95)
Rest 1 min
Then 5 ROUND EMOM: 10 reps Front Lunge (135/95)

WOD: 10 Rounds (5 of each)
30 sec on 30 sec off alt movements
Max Hang Squat Clean (155/105)
Max Bar Facing Burpees


Gymnastics seminar for Advanced Crossfitters

Cost: $100 ($125 for non-Hybrid Members)
4 classes (once a week) with Coach Aimee
Thursdays at 6-7:30pm
Starting Nov 12th
MAX 12 participants

Talk to Aimee for more details.  Sign up at the Service Desk at HYBRID.

Pre req to sign up:

5 kipping pull ups rx
1 strict pull up
5 kipping hspu rx
1 strict hspu (1 abmat)
1 strict dip

We will be covering the following movements

Kipping pull ups
Butterfly pull-ups
Bar muscle ups
Kipping hspu
Strict hspu
Handstand walking
Ring muscle ups
Weekly homework will be provided to all the athletes to be completed on their own time before the next session.

To be tested in the week leading up to the first class

Max set pull ups
Max set c2b
Max set t2b
Max set kipping hspu
Max set strict hspu
Max dips
Max muscle ups ring and bar (if you have them)


TUESDAYS means BOOTCAMP @ 9:30am & 7pm!!!

WU: (10 mins)
1 min each of: Row, Ski, Assault
Mob: Squat, Front Rack, Lat, Hamstring

SKILL: (10 mins)
25 yard HS walk for time
(Do as many attempts as you’d like or use this time to just practice)

OLY: (15 mins)
Build to a heavy “Snatch High-Pull + Power Snatch”

WOD: (10 mins to warm up)
10 min cap
30 Thrusters 65/45lbs
30 T2B
30 Deadlifts 225/155lbs
30 C2B
30 Cal Row
30 Wall Ball



Our REAL bumper stickers are in finally.  These are much higher quality then the plain old stickers they accidentally made for us last time.  Slap one of these bad boys on your car (you can get 1 free per vehicle from the front desk).  In the coming months we will be running Social Media Promotions where you can snap a pick of your Hybrid Bumper sticker and win free prizes.


The HYBRID referral Program is about to be launched.  There will be another post dedicated entirely to this program, but the main take away for you is that if someone comes in to HYBRID and mentions your name as referring them, THEY will get 10% off of anything they purchase in their first 30 days, and YOU will also get 10% credit for anything they purchase in their first 30 days.  It’s a win-win.


Due to Low Attendance on Friday Evenings, we will be making a slight adjustment to the Schedule:

  • The 4:30 Class will run as regularly Scheduled.
  • The 5:30 class Fridays is now cancelled (it averaged 0.75 attendees per week in May)
  • The gym will be Open until 6:30pm but will close at 6:30 SHARP.  This means that you are more than welcome to come anytime after 4:30 and get started on the Programming but the lights are off and the doors are locked at 6:30pm. (you can either work at your own pace or try to catch up to the class – either way the coach will still be there until 5:30 to help you out).


We are also looking at cancelling the 1pm classes during the Summer months.  Attendance has been very low lately (particularly Wednesdays).  We will monitor the #’s for the rest of June and make a decision based on averages.  If you want us to keep the 1pm, then make sure to attend it as much as possible and let us know.


If you have kids aged 6-16 that you are interested in getting into our KIDFIT/ATHLETES EDGE classes, please stop by the front desk next week and fill out a quick questionnaire.  We are trying to figure out how best to run our Youth Programs for the summer months and would love your input and feedback.


We are also running a Special for the Summer months on our “Small Group PT” sessions.  This can range anywhere from 3-10 people.  Sessions can be booked according to your groups preferred Schedule, as many days per week as you want, with what coach you prefer.  The program for these sessions will be designed with your groups specific goals in mind and will work towards helping you achieve your ideal level of fitness.  Sessions will be discounted based on volume and frequency of sessions.  Essentially you can get Group Personal Training as little as $15 per session.  Email info@hybridathletics.ca for more information.




That’s right kids….  Russian Olympic Lifting World Champion Dmitry Klokov is coming to Hybrid Athletics to share his unparalleled knowledge of Olympic Lifting.



WHEN:  June 25th + 26th (3 hours each evening)

WHO:  YOU of course! (limited to 30 attendees)

COST: $375+tax (total for both days)

WHY:  Because you want to be better of course.

HOW:  Stop by the Service Desk at HYBRID or call 604-514-3455 to reserve your spot today.  Don’t wait, this will sell our FAST!!!


For a little more info on Dmitry Klokov, check out these links:





Check out the main page of our site for info about an amazing upcoming seminar with Russian Olympic Weightlifting World Champion Dmitry Klokov. If you are at all interested in Olympic Lifting you definitely won’t want to miss it!


WU:  (20 mins)

4 ROUNDS: (10 mins)

  • 200m Row / 200m Ski (2 rounds of each)
  • :30s Handstand Hold (if you can, do 1-5 strict HSPU at the beginning, then hold until :30s)
  • 25 Hollow Rocks
  • Dynamic Stretch if you are waiting for a skier/rower.

THEN MOB: (10 mins)

  • Lat Stretch -into- Front Rack Stretch -into- Banded Bully
  • Banded Hamstring (standing)
  • Banded Hip-flexor lunge


SWOD:  (15 mins)

  • Clean & Strict Press
  • Build to a 1 RM
  • The Press will be the limiting factor here, so work on performing REALLY efficient cleans with the moderate loads.


WOD:  10 min cap

  • 100 reps for time (or max reps in the 10 mins)
  • Strict Press (from the floor) (74/43)
  • Every time you put the bar down you must do 10 V-ups.


CASH OUT:  (not for time – use the remainder of the class)


  • 10 BB Roll-outs (5# on each end of the bar)
  • 10 Ring Rows (rings to chest – squeeze your shoulder blades – use false grip if you want to develop it)
  • 10 SB Hamstring Curls
  • 400m Jog/Run


POST:  STRETCH out your shoulders.




  • 15 mins to Warmup & Mobilize.
  • EMOM x 7:  Muscle Snatch + Snatch Press + OHS + Snatch Balance
  • E2MOM x 10:  3 Position Pause Snatch (1 rep from each position = 3 reps)
  • 10 mins to go heavy or work tech
  • Pendlay Rows (5 x 5) + Banded Triceps (5 x reps) + GHD Plank (5 x 30s)
  • STRETCH!!!!






To Redeem/complete the Groupon package you must complete the following:

  • Call the Service Desk (604-514-3455) to register for your 4 On-Ramp Sessions
  • Come to and participate in ALL 4 of your registered sessions. (no exceptions – don’t miss)
  • Receive a PASSING “thumbs up” from the Coaches to graduate into regular Classes.


As stated above, you must come to all 4 ON-Ramp sessions.  Each session is unique and covers totally different material, all of which is pertinent to you being able to participate in regular classes.  You must register for 1 time slot for EACH of the 4 sessions, and you must show up on time and ready to go at the appointed hour.  The sessions will be in groups of 2-4 people. This means that once 4 people have registered for a time slot, it is full.  Also, if you are the only person registered in a time slot you may be contacted to re-schedule (this will be done well in advance for your convenience).  To find out what is available or to register, please call our Service Desk during business hours (8am-7pm) and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.


One way to “jump the line” and get the ball rolling faster for yourself is to group up with a friend or two who you know that also bought the deal.  This way you can book 4 sessions that work for both of you and get confirmation of your sessions right away (plus you get to workout with your buddy!)


Call today to get started!!!


Thats right, the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course is coming to Hybrid Athletics on October 26th & 27th, 2013.


At the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course, Coach Tucker or one of his Tier One Coaches will delve into basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics forms in a lecture setting followed by practical application.  The goal in this course is to aid CrossFitters in using Gymnastics for strength development, core control, spatial awareness and WOD progressions.


You will be taught a wide variety of foundational movements and techniques, including these and others:

  • Basic strength: development for disadvantaged leverage and basic strength prowess for gymnastics movement.
  • Parallette work: handstands, L-sits, stretching, core control, handstand push-ups, scalability of basic and intermediate movements, spotting, range-of-motion/extreme range of motion training.
  • Rings: core-training exercises, support work, proper hand placement, L-sits, iron-cross progressions, dislocates, presses, muscle-ups and muscle-up drills, self-spotting techniques, kips, handstands, and conditioning.
  • Bar variations: handstands, back levers, skin the cats, L-sit pull-up variations, stretching, kipping swings, spotting techniques, bar muscle-ups, scalability of all movements.
  • Handstands: handstand push-ups, handstand forward rolls, balance work, presses to handstands, L-sits to handstands. You will be taught how to spot and scale these foundational elements for WODs and newbies, and you will learn hand placement, core control, strength development, planches (progressions on floor, rings and paralettes).


You need to bring athletic attire and an adventurous attitude!


Click the following link to register today!  Don’t wait, this course will fill up fast!




Below you will find a tentative Heat Schedule for the Best of the Rest of the West.   These times may change if there are any last minute changes to registration (someone drops out, etc).  Please let us know if you have registered but are unable to make it so that we can adjust the heats.  As you can see the heats are tight, there is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of athletes throwing down.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but please be patient and help us out wherever you can.  We look forward to a great day of action, and getting excited for the Regionals next weekend.  Bring your A Game!!


Registration will be open from 8:15 – 8:45 am at the HYBRID service desk.  We suggest that you show up early to get warmed up.


Our BBQ will be serving Paleo and non-Paleo options from 12 – 3ish.  Come on out and enjoy some amazing pulled pork!!!


Come out and support both the athletes competing this weekend with your cheering and support, as well as the Regional Athletes competing next weekend (and hopefully beyond) with your donations, purchases at the BBQ, and silent auction bids.


The Workouts were previously posted HERE. But keep in mind, CrossFit is about being prepared for the unknown and the unknowable.  😉