BIG BIG NEWS about membership Rates and ONRAMP Program

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We are making some big changes to our Membership Structure and On-Ramp Program. These changes will be effective immediately (September 1st) for all new members, however we will “grandfather” all current contracts through December 31st unless a change is requested by the member.

Please take a moment to read through the new Membership Structure and then feel free to talk to the Service Desk Staff, Nate, Robbie or Julie with any questions you might have.

New Membership Structure:

Level 1 Membership: $175/month “Pay-as-you-go” ($150 per month on a 12 month contract)
Includes: UNLIMITED Classes (plus adequate warmup and cooldown time)

Level 2 Membership: $200/month “Pay-as-you-go” ($170 per month on a 12 month contract)
Includes: UNLIMITED Classes, Access to Open Gym times, Access to Centaurs Competition Program (includes Team Training Sessions & Additional Programming)

Level 3 Membership: $265/month “Pay-as-you-go” ($230/month on 12 month Contract)
Includes: Unlimited Classes, Access to Open Gym times, Access to the Centaurs Competition Program (Team Sessions + Programming) + 1 Personal Training Session per month


  • As stated, if you have had a 2 or 3 day per week membership with us during 2015, we will allow you to continue that membership through December 31st.
  • Youth Rates are listed under THE ATHLETES EDGE on our rates page.
  • Full time Post Secondary Students, Military and Emergency Services Personnel (First Responders) are privy to the 12 month rates without having to commit to 12 month contract.
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask them any time.  We are here to answer them all and clarify everything


New On-Ramp Program

The new On-Ramp program will span 2 months, will consist of 6 Personal Training Sessions (5 before you start classes & 1 more at the end of your 2 months), and Unlimited Classes during your first 2 months (after you complete your first 5 PTs). The final PT session at the end of your On-Ramp will be a opportunity to work on any skills that you feel you need help with, as well as a chance to re-test one of your On-Ramp WODs and see how much you have improved!. We feel that 2 months is a more adequate time to actually make some substantial changes to your fitness and lifestyle. This will also allow people to really become part of the community here at Hybrid (and you are the best part about HYBRID).

The cost of the On-Ramp will now be 2 payments of $200 (1 at the beginning and 1 after the 1st month). This is a great value because you are receiving 6 PT sessions ($450 value), and about 6-7 weeks of Unlimited Classes ($250+ value).



Once more, if you have questions, please ask them.  It was difficult to get all our thoughts down here on paper so if you come to talk to us about it, we can do a much better job of explaining it all.

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