WOD Friday Nov 11

Everyday I am amazed by our athletes.  Another huge effort by everyone.  30 HSPU is definitely a challenge for anyone, but you guys just put your head down (literally and figuratively) and plowed through them.  Awesome job!  We are starting to see more people trickle in daily.  There was 11 women at the 9:30 ladies only bootcamp!  Keep on telling your friends about us. We are excited to have such supportive clients and to have the opportunity to work with all of you.

WOD – Nov 11 – GRINDER


WU: 3 rounds – 1min Double unders + 5 burpees + 10 Hollow Rock Pistols


TECH: Turkish Getups


WOD: 20 min AMRAP

5 Turkish Getups / side

40 yd Farmers Walk (with bumper plates)

.5 mile SPIN


Finish: Max Hanging L-Sit on Rings


Come on down and Make Your Goals a Reality.


Ask your coach tomorrow about the exciting plans for our Grand Opening December 3rd from 2-5pm. And Spread the word!!!


See you soon.


Coach Nate

WOD Thursday November 10

Another Awesome day at HYBRID today.  Power Hour definitely got everyone lifting some weight, and quickly.  We exposed some weaknesses with the glute walk.  Remember to warmup and cool down properly as well as work on those stabilizer muscles to prevent injuries.  Congrats to Heather Perovich who at 60 years of age did DEADLIFTS for the first time today! Awesome job Heather! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to all of us!!!


WOD – NOV 10 – 2011 Regional WOD #1

WU: Ladder work + Mobility + Tech

WOD: 1 km Run, 30 HSPU, 1 KM Row

Post: 3 min Hollow Rock Test.

Cooldown: Spin and Stretch/Roll.


Come on out and enjoy the ride!
Coach Nate

Congrats to Coach Christine

Coach Christine competed in the World Championships for Weightlifting today.  We are very proud to announce that she placed 7th in the World in her weight class.

Christine snatched 101kg and 105kg before missing 108kg just slightly in front. In the clean and jerk she went 129kg and 133kg (a new Canadian record!) before attempting 136kg. She cleaned the 136kg (the current Olympic Record is 135kg) with relative ease before missing the jerk slightly in front. Her 238kg total ties her personal best, and was good enough for 7th place at the Worlds, 5th place in the Olympic Qualification event!


Congrats Christine,  We hope you enjoy your much deserved vacation with your husband.  We can’t wait to see you back training hard and making the rest of us better too!

WOD Wednesday Nov 9

Great work today everyone!  5 x 400m had some great times.  Best time of the day went to Chad with a 1:12.  Congrats to Sam for finishing a close second in his first ever CrossFit workout!  I look forward to watching your progress Sam.


NOV 9 WOD     >>>    Power Hour!

WU: Sled Pulls, Glute walks, Scap Pullaparts

WOD 1: Dynamic Effort Deadlifts (regular or sumo) 10 x 2 (every min on the min)

Wod 2: Dynamic Effort Bench Press 10 x 3 (every min on the min)

Auxillary work: RDL, Inverted Rows, Tricep band work, Hamstring curls

Cooldown: Spin & Stretch/Roll out


Come on down and “GET SOME!”


Coach Nate

90 Day Challenge is Here!!!

90 Day Challenge with HYBRID Nutrition

Sign up for our 90 Day challenge and receive up to 50% off your unlimited pass for 3 months.  The 90 day challenge includes nutrition guidance, meal planning, one-on-one nutrition coaching, and your supplements delivered to your door for as little as $49 / month!  Talk to one of the HYBRID Coaches about the 90 day Challenge and get started today on the path to better health tomorrow.  Sign up before November 1st and receive a bonus gift!


WOD – Tuesday Nov 8

Those of you who made it out today were treated to the one and only FRAN!!!  Great job everyone.  Everyone put in an awesome effort and some great scores were posted.  Congrats to Ryan Doherty for setting a PR while completing the workout RX.

A quick note about our programming.  Our desire is to develop the overall health, fitness and wellness of all our clients.  In order to achieve this goal we program an entire training cycle with a birds eye view of the whole picture.  If someone was to “cherry pick” only the workouts that they liked or wanted to do, you would be missing out on a good portion of what makes a well rounded athletic human.  If your schedule does not allow for you to attend one of the days of the week, and you liked the programming that day, talk to your coach about how to make it up, substitute it in, or add it to the end of one of your days.  We are always keen to lend a hand to help you turn your goals into reality faster.


With that being said, here is the WOD for Tuesday November 8th, 2011

Run Faster, Rest longer

WU:  Rowing Technique work + Tabatta Row (watts) + Mobility

WOD1: 400 m run* x 5 rounds (start each run every 4 min)(score = combined run times)

WOD 2: Tabatta KB Swings (score = best + lowest + total)

WOD3: Tabatta L-Sit (pick a goal and try to stick with it)

COOLDOWN: Midline work, Spin and Stretch

*reminder that we have treadmills, so if it rains you should still come 🙂


See you all tomorrow,

Coach Nate

Classes start MONDAY!!!

We will be starting classes as of Monday November 7th.  Check our schedule page for the full list of times.


Childminding will be available for the 9:30am Ladies Class.  Childminding is $5 per child per session.  Packages available.


Please try to come a few minutes early for your session as we have an Information Profile that each client must fill out before participating in classes.


For the month of November we are going to run “OPEN” CrossFit classes for all levels.  Starting in December we will be running an “On-ramp” program.  Keep an eye on our website for more details.


See you all on Monday!!!


We have posted our schedule for the month of November.  It is a modified schedule to allow us to get our feet wet this first month and work out the kinks.  Check out our SCHEDULE page under the ABOUT HYBRID tab above.

We are still waiting on the City’s approval to actually open for business so it will be any day now.  Please bare with us as we work hard to get open for you.

Stop by to day to purchase your membership for the month of November and take advantage of our “Soft Opening” Special.  For more info, visit us today at 5197A 216th ave, Langley BC


We will have a GRAND OPENING on December 3rd from 2-5pm so mark the date on your calenders.

December will see us have a full schedule and we will be rolling full swing.




For Immediate Release:


Canadian Olympic hopeful Christine Girard, a White Rock native who trains at Hybrid Athletics in Langley BC, set a new Pan Am Games, Commonwealth and Canadian Record en route to winning the Pan Am Games Gold Medal in Olympic Weightlifting yesterday in Guadalajara Mexico.


Christine returns to Canada Wednesday evening and will be hosting a Press Conference at HYBRID ATHLETICS in Langley on Friday October 28th at 12:30pm.  Christine will be available to answer any and all questions about her experience at the Pan Am Games as well as her preparation for the World Championships being held November 8th in Paris, France.


For more information or to arrange an interview with Christine, please contact Coach Nate at Hybrid Athletics.






HYBRID Athlete Christine Girard Won the GOLD MEDAL at the Pan Am games today in Guadalajara Mexico!!

Christine set a new Pan Am Games / Commonwealth / Canadian Record with a 238kg total.  This included a Pan Am Games Record 106kg Snatch which ties her personal best.


Christine will be a guest on the BRO JAKE show on ROCK 101 on Thursday morning at around 9am.  Be sure to listen in to hear all about her experience in Mexico and her plans for the World Championships next Month in Paris, France.


We are also planning to host a Press Conference here at HYBRID on Friday afternoon so keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter Feed for more details.


Christine training at the Pan Am Games in her HYBRID gear.

Christine training at the Pan Am Games in her HYBRID gear.