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Gymnastics seminar for Advanced Crossfitters

Cost: $100 ($125 for non-Hybrid Members)
4 classes (once a week) with Coach Aimee
Thursdays at 6-7:30pm
Starting Nov 12th
MAX 12 participants

Talk to Aimee for more details.  Sign up at the Service Desk at HYBRID.

Pre req to sign up:

5 kipping pull ups rx
1 strict pull up
5 kipping hspu rx
1 strict hspu (1 abmat)
1 strict dip

We will be covering the following movements

Kipping pull ups
Butterfly pull-ups
Bar muscle ups
Kipping hspu
Strict hspu
Handstand walking
Ring muscle ups
Weekly homework will be provided to all the athletes to be completed on their own time before the next session.

To be tested in the week leading up to the first class

Max set pull ups
Max set c2b
Max set t2b
Max set kipping hspu
Max set strict hspu
Max dips
Max muscle ups ring and bar (if you have them)

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